Debbie W.


I’d been working hard, vigorously exercising daily and eating well for a year with no change in my body.  I knew I needed to do something differently, I just didn’t know what.


I met Kyle through my fitness gym.  I knew he was involved with the Diet Doc, but I didn’t know what that was.  Then I saw him at a local fitness expo and learned about the program.  I signed up as soon as I could!


Before starting the program, I was feeling a little desperate, mostly discouraged. I wasn’t ready to give up, but I didn’t know what else to do. I was looking for the missing piece.


I knew Kyle’s story and the success he has had with Diet Doc.  Once I started reading the book, I just knew this was going to work.  It made so much sense to me!  I’m kind of geeky and the bit of science helped me to understand why this would work, which really helped me to stick to it! As pound after pound disappeared, I was thrilled!  I was eating the foods I liked – no more sweet potatoes! I learned how to enjoy some of the old indulgences without ruining my progress. The best part was, I never felt hungry or deprived!   My energy was up, I smiled more.  My confidence grew.  I was finally accomplishing something!  I no longer felt like a failure!  People were commenting on how I was looking and I just couldn’t stop sharing the news about the Diet Doc to everyone! 


My biggest challenge was and still is the people around me that have no interest in improving their health and don’t respect my desire to improve mine.  Some people are quieter about it, some still are vocal.   Kyle’s encouragements and the support of the Diet Doc community have been invaluable to me.  On my own, I would not have made it. 


I’m now working on maintaining my weight.  I’m paying attention to how I feel when I add back in some of the foods that I gave up in the weight loss stage.  Some of those former favorites just don’t taste as good as I remember.  I’m finding ways to make healthier versions of some things so that I can enjoy some of the old favorites that I still love.


I feel GREAT!  I’m still exercising daily and getting stronger. Without that excess weight, I can work harder.  I can see my muscles changing.  My endurance has increased. I know how to arrange my meals to work with my exercise. I’m doing things I would never have considered at my former weight, fitness, and confidence level.  I ran the Warrior Dash and had a great time! And for the first time ever, I ran an entire 5K without walking!  I think I could have gone farther.  


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to achieve what you have achieved?

Have faith in the Diet Doc process and faith in yourself!  Buckle down and do it!


What is your favorite local restaurant? 

My favorite macro-friendly restaurant is HuHot.  There, I have complete control over what I eat.  I can load up on veggies and protein, skip the noodles.  And it’s not salad!! Not so macro friendly favorite – toss-up between Northern Tap House and Lynn’s Chatterbox. Deep fried cheese curds and Reuben sandwiches, respectively.  Thankfully, with the Diet Doc knowledge, I can still enjoy these things once in a while!