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Kyle Frank

Meet Kyle, the proud owner of The Diet Doc Eau Claire! His passion for fitness and health inspires him to motivate and encourage everyone he meets. Kyle continuously seeks to increase his knowledge to better serve his clients and is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, and a National Academy of Metabolic Science Certified Nutrition Consultant. 


Kyle has always had an interested in health and fitness from a young age. He played around on his father’s fitness equipment in the basement of his childhood home.


Toward the end of his college career, Kyle struggled with weight gain from living an unhealthy lifestyle. Realizing he was unhappy and not living up to his full potential, he vowed to make his health and weight a priority. Over a couple of years, he lost over 70 pounds and completely transformed his body, mind, spirit, confidence, and outlook on life. and has maintained it ever since.  His transformation was chosen to be featured on the biggest fitness website in the world: 




Due to his previous struggles with weight, Kyle is in the unique position to know firsthand, the struggles that come along with weight loss and poor health, and can easily relate to his clients who are undertaking a similar transformation.


In his spare time, Kyle enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, participating in events such as Spartan Races & Tough Mudders, and continuing his education to further assist his clients. 


Kyle is honored to be a part of the elite "The Diet Doc" team. He is grateful to be providing specialized and custom nutrition, weight loss, and fitness services to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals in his hometown of Eau Claire.

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