2021 Nutrition Kickstart Program

Only $50!


Signup Period: Feb. 9th-Feb. 16th

Program Kicks off Feb. 22nd & Ends April 8th





Hi, My name is Kyle Frank, and not too long ago, I really struggled to lose weight and get lean.


In fact, my confidence and motivation was so low that I didn’t even dare take my clothes off in front of anybody or go swimming with my shirt off because it just felt awkward to me and I felt flabby everywhere.


I was hiding everything under hoodies and baggy t-shirts and I was driving myself crazy. 


I was completely embarrassed, always pulling my t-shirt off my mid-section and my clothes never fit as I wanted them to. (I loved winter because I could wear hoodies) 


Then it all went wrong when I started binging on junk food every night and ballooned up to 240 pounds - the heaviest I’d ever been!


Fortunately, after years of struggle, self-torture, and misery, I figured everything out and now I help people over 30 get where they want to be in record time!


That’s why I'm currently looking to work with individuals that are looking to completely change the way they look and feel in no time at all.


The "2021 Nutrition Kickstart ONLINE NUTRITION Program is for busy individuals over 30 who have got to that point where they accept starvation diets just don't work long term and now want a sustainable and realistic approach.


I was always up and down, all or nothing mentality and now I’ve come to realize that it was just because I didn’t understand how to do it the right way or have the proper plan in place.


See, everybody knows that diet and nutrition is the most important thing, but unfortunately nobody knows how to do it properly.

I always felt as though there was an invisible force field holding me back from achieving what my potential truly was.

If you sometimes struggle to find the motivation and need a kick-start, then it sounds like it could work nicely.


In this program, here are some of the things you'll learn:


✅How Much Food To Eat Everyday ( specific to your busy day.)

✅What The Best Foods Are To Eat.

✅When To Eat (Meal timing and frequency.)

✅How To Structure Meals Properly. (Meal structuring)

✅How To Eat "Normal" and still lose (no more starvation and buying weird diet foods).

✅How To Still Eat Out Once A Week Without Going Crazy And Overeating and still losing.

And my favorite...

✅How to eat chocolate, pizza or chicken nuggets without it doing any harm.


This is more of a healthy lifestyle change rather than a “diet”..


Here's the criteria for the program:

1- You're a male or female in your 30's or older

2- Your main goal is to lose unwanted stomach fat, feel good in your clothes and have high energy levels.

3- You want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off for good

4- You're ready to learn the truth behind diets. 

If that sounds like you, then it should work nicely.




Cool!  Let's do it.  Just scroll down and if you're ready to jump in, click the payment button.  Once we receive your payment, we will reach out ASAP with next steps to get you started.

***Please note that this program will be facilitated online inside of a Private Facebook group for all participants.  You are not required to post inside the Facebook group, however that is how the information and e-books will be delivered.


If you have questions just send an email to kyle@thedietdoc.com


Here’s what you get for $50 in the next 45 Days:

Private Facebook Group

Connect with others that are in this challenge. This has been a POWERFUL component to our programs. You will connect with others who are trying to work towards similar goals while supporting each other!

Live Weekly Topics and Q & A Sessions

Tune in each week as we cover a variety of topics surrounding nutrition and fitness that will be paramount to your success! You will learn: How to eat specifically for you!

Which supplements are a waste of money.

Which diets are setting you up to fail.

How to turn your metabolism into a metabolic furnace no matter how old you are!  Plus much more!

Goal Setting

Learn the SECRET to setting goals that are realistic and achievable! We're also throwing in our "Goal Setting Workbook" to help you turn your goals into reality!

3 of Our Best E-books

We're giving you our 3 most popular e-books help you along your journey!


  • Alcohol Guide-want to know the best drinks that won't bust your waistline?

  • Dining Out Guide- Love going out to eat?  Us too!  This guide will break down exactly what to order at a variety of different restaurants to keep you cruising right towards your goals

  • Travel & Events- Travel...one of the best things in life.  How do you manage your food so you don't come back heavier than when you left?  We break it down in this e-book!

Recipes/Meal Tips

We love food and we're guessing you do too. Don't worry we've got you covered with delicious weekly recipes. No boring "diet food". 

Exclusive Discounts

At the conclusion of your 45 days, we're will receive an amazing offer to take your results to the next level with our 1-on-1 coaching, where everything is tailored for you!

The program signup period is from Feb. 9th-Feb. 16th. The program will begin on Feb. 22nd and go until April 8th.  After payment, you will be emailed further instructions on next steps prior to the program beginning. 

When making payment, please use the email address that we can use to contact you for the next steps & initial communication.  If you have a different email that is separate from your payment method, please email kyle@thedietdoc.com and let us know which email you prefer us to use.

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